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Dating hamilton watch models

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The Hamilton grade 992B is a high quality antique mechanical pocket watch.

Regular watch inspection and consistent time keeping was the only thing that kept trains from running into each other on Americas single track railways. His first job as a time inspector was when he was brought in by the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railways in 1891 after a crash and was tasked with bringing their time inspection system up to industry standards.

These railways had a single track for both directions and two trains running in opposite direction could pass each other at railway stations and other places which had two tracks, one for each direction, for a short distance only. Ball's career eventually led to him being the time inspector on more than half the United States' railways, leading to a far more uniform set of standards across the US.

A well maintained and adjusted watch kept in a fixed location at room temperature can reach accuracies normally only seen with quartz watches.

If you use it and the watch is exposed to different temperatures and shaken or turned then you will achieve about /- 15sec accuracy per week.

The enamel dials may get hairlines too but generally not as big ones as the melamine dials.

I have seen some cases where people have removed the original melamine and completely re-painted the dial.

It is done to maintain approximately the same rate of balance wheel oscillation, regardless of which of the specified positions the watch is in.He gave a very interessting interview in the New-York Tribune January 16, 1910 (Many lives sacrificed because of faulty watches, interview with Webb C. An interesting question from a historic point of view is of course: why did nobody in North America come up with any solution other than time keeping?Many other countries solved the root cause of the problem with station to station communication, signaling, tokens or dual track.Your Hamilton wrist watch deserves the finest care possible.Hamilton wrist watch repair and Hamilton wrist watch restoration is my specialty.It's the stuff you find on old light switches or old electrical sockets. It does not easily burn and is very resistant to chemicals.The melamine resin dials do usually have cracks and hairlines after a few decades.In this article we focus however on watches and it is this focus on timing only that lead to those beautiful and precise American railroad watches.Movement size: 16, 1.700 inches, 43.18 mm diameter Approximate watch size (depends on case): 2 inch (5cm) diameter, weight 90g Jewels (gemstone bearings): 21, friction set, all upper jewel settings are gold Rate: 2.5Hz, 5 beats per second, 18000 bph (beats per hour) The watch runs about 52 hours when fully wound Balance wheel: Aurium, a monometallic beryllium-silver-nickel alloy, Aurium is a Hamilton marketing term (trademarked in April 1940 by Hamilton), the exact composition of the alloy was kept secret. Hair spring material: Elinvar-Extra Adjustement: temperature, isochronism and 6 positions Position adjustment refers to the mechanical design of the balance wheel and the hairspring.This means that any Hamilton wrist watch is a suitable candidate for repair and servicing. A few of the Hamilton models that I support the repair of are: Ladies models: the Trudy, the Portia, the Nightingale, the Newcomb, the Mayfield, the Maritza, the Linden Hall, the Glenwood, the Eugenie, the Edgewood, the Drexel, the Diane, the Chevy Chase C, the Chevy Chase B, the Chevy Chase A, the Cedarcrest, the Caroline, the Briarclife, the Byn Mawr, the Bianca Gents models: Lord Lancaster models, the Hamilton mystery dial, the various Hamilton diamond dial watches, the Chronomatic, the Aqua-date, the Oval, the Barrel, the Raleigh, the Square series, the Cut corner, Tonneau, Cushion, Thin-o-matic line, the Thin- line models, Accumatic, Vernon, Valiant, Vardon, Tyrone, Tuxedo II, Touraine, Transcontinental A, Todd, Tildon, Thor, Taylor, Talboty, Sutton, Surf, Stuart, the Stormking line, Staunton, Stanley, Stanford, Steeldon, Stafford, Spencer, Sloane, Sir Echo, Sidney, Sinclair, Sheryll, Sherwood, Sheldon, Seville, Sentinel Sedgman, Sectometer, Secron, Seaview, Sea-skip, Sea-scout, Sea-scape, Sea Rover, Sea Ranger, Sea-mate, Sea-guard, Sea-glo, Sea-crest, Sea Cliff, Sea cap, Seabrook, sea Breeze, Scott, Sawyer, Samson, Ryan, Rutledge, Russell, Ross, Romanesque, Roland, Rodney, Roland, Robert, Richmond, Reardon, Reagan, Raymon, Randolph, Ramsey, Releigh, Radburn, Putnam, Prescott, Prentice, Powell, Pierre, Peyton, Perry, Paxton, Parker B, Paige, Pacermatic, Orson, Norton, Norfolk, Norman, Norde, Newton, Nelson, Neil, Newlin, Myron, Murray, Mount Vernon, Morton, Morley, Montclair, Milton, Midas, Merritt, Medford, Mason Martin, Malcom, Lyndon, Lyle B Lowell, Livingston, Linwood, Lindsay, LIncrest, Lester, Lee, Lawrence, Langford, Lang, Landon, Lance, Lamert, Lakeland, Kirk, Kirby, Kinematic, Khyber, Kevin, Keith, Keane, Judson, Jeffrey, Jason, Howard, Huntley, Holden, Heyward, Hayden, Hassings, Hartman, Harris, Halesworth B, Guardsman, Grover, Grenadier, Greenwich, Grand Gramercy, Gordon Golden Tempus, Glenn Curtis, Glenn, Glendon, Glendale, Gladasone, Gilman, Gilbert, Gary, Gardner, Fulton, Franklin, Foster, Flintridge, Flight II, Flight I Fleetwood, First Mate, Farrell, Essex, Errol, Emerson, Eric, Emery, Elliott, Edgemere, Eaton, Dyson, Dwight, Dunkirk, Dunhan, Drummond, Drew, Drake, Doublet, Dorsey, Donavan Donald, Dodson, Dixon, Dickens, Dexter, Dewitt, Dennis, Deauville, Dean, Dawson, Darrell, Cyril, Custer, Cutiss, Cullen, Croydon, Cross Country, Crispin, Cranston, Craig, Courtney, Corvet, Cordell, Conway Contour, Dolby, coburn, Clyde, Clinton, Clearview, Clark, Chatham Chapman Chanticleer, Chadwick, Cedrick, Casino, Carteret, Carlton, Carson Carlisle, Carl, Cameron, Calvin, Cadet, Cabot, Byrd, Brockton, Brock, Brewster, Brent, Brandon, Bradford, Boyd, Bowman, Boulton Boone, Boatswain, Blake, Blair, Blade, Berkshire, Benton, Bentley, Beldon, Baxter, Baton, Barton, Bartley, Barry, Baron Barbizon Bailey, Bagley, Austin, Attache, Ashley, Arnold, Ardmore, Auqaline, Ansley, Andrews, Amherst, Allison, Aldrich, Alan, Adrian These above Hamilton wrist watch models were initially made so well, that I'm very confident that us working together will result in your Hamilton being a beautiful and faithful timepiece once again.Learn more about my mechanical wrist watch repair services: Notice © 1999-2016 Terry Nelson All rights RESERVED.


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