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Dating events using ice

SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: geological dating CATEGORY: technique; related field DEFINITION: The study of earth history by correlating archaeological events to the timing and sequencing of geological events.

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But as with tree rings (see dendrochronology) the varves will vary from year to year, depending on the rapidity of the thaw, quantity of summer rain, winter snow, etc., the variations showing some correlation with the sunspot cycle.

Such varve chronologies have been built up for Scandinavia and are used to date the retreat of the Weichselian ice-sheet.

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Its use for archaeological dating is rather limited in that sites have to be related to the geological changes (the ice-sheet moraines or changing Baltic sea-levels) before their dates can be determined.

During the summer, melting accelerates, melt-water streams flow faster and carry more material.

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