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Michelle Bridges has confirmed that she has dating her fellow The Biggest Loser personal trainer, Steve “The Commando” Willis.

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As for her romance with Steve, she hasn’t planned too much in advance because “right now it’s just one day at a time.” You can read her full interview in Who, on sale now."At the end of the day that stuff only matters if you allow it to matter." If you're not feeling very positive about yourself, that can also affect the way you treat someone you're actually interested in, says Loisel.She refers to this as "non-verbal leakage"."If you're feeling like they're not going to like you, then you're not going to be open and warm and loving with them.If you're single, and er, looking to mingle, it's likely you've dipped your toe into the world of dating apps.For those on the shy side, it can seem like a great way to make a move without the fear of real-life rejection.Who magazine scored an exclusive interview with Michelle, who also did some radio interviews this morning that went into her new relationship status.Michelle, who split from her husband of nine years, Bill Moore, in March (they’re still business partners), denies that she had an affair with Steve, who also recently split from his partner, Froso; they have two children together. Alpha_Cukie apparently gets his or her information from the fact that they are ” involved in the process of creating the ARG (Alternate Reality Game)” meant to accompany the announcement.The leaker points to two separate screenshots, seen in the gallery below. Furthermore, the notion that this is being developed for the Nintendo NX might be taking things a bit too far. It would be cool to see a follow-up on one of the Xbox’s best games, though.The camshaft on a combat is stamped with SS, this is called a 2S camshaft and not actually an SS camshaft (the SS camshaft is actually stamped X1 or X2 - this is a point of much confusion).Once a combat engine has Superblend main bearings (064118) fitted and a the modified breather, which is a big engineering job to do properly, (we do this), then the combat engines are bullet proof.


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