Dating an agoraphobic

Being whole and healthy with your only dependence on God will only strengthen any relationship that could come into your life.

I was once in a relationship very similar with an ex.

And it makes you feel awful when they start dating someone new.

So I would say guard your heart and take the time to heal.

It hurt like anything to be his friend and his ex and to heal from that.

But it was for the best and it opened the doors and possiblities for something and someone better.

God has given His life because of His love for you.

A million failed relationships, much less a couple, will never speak one word about your worth in the love department.

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I have been tired of riding the fence for a while and this just brought things into perspective. So in the absence of that, as hard as it is, the only logical thing to do is to move on. Sure it's possible, but you don't know if that's God's plan for you. But, it will drive you crazy to sit and think about this and wonder.

But I don't think this depression is chemical in nature. My psych nurse won't give me an anti-depressant because they make me manic.

I think this depression is somewhat the result of a divorce I can't accept, and financial calamity.

Dont let your walk be like that take this time to grow in Christ.

My advice to you is don't just let it go and get over it.


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