Dating a thug software for updating your home

Is it the idea that she (and her children) could be caught in the crossfire of a gang shooting?

Is it the idea that the house could be raided by police, putting her and the children in danger?

You have probably seen them- the nice looking, decent young women at the grocery store or at the movies holding hands with a “bad boy”, or thug.

This is a huge phenomenon today, across all social groups. Just today, while at work, I spotted a gorgeous black woman, about 25 years old, butter pecan skin, conservative and professional looking, wearing a business suit.

Fox, and the list goes on and on- all either have or had these men for boyfriends.

Of course, upon seeing this, young women in the wider society want to emulate these so-called Stars.

Is it the excitement that these kinds of things could occur, and this makes them feel like their no good men are men of importance?

Perhaps I should ask Jennifer Lopez…she was willing to go to jail to protect her man after a police chase.

I can recall countless cases where women were raped or murdered by their so called “boyfriends” in my area. Louis area, involved a woman who was murdered (along with her 3 small children) by her live in thug boyfriend, who she was supporting. On the East Coast (I believe Philadelphia) you had the young Black college student murdered by her thug boyfriend.

It turns out, he had recently been released from prison. I recall that case because she was the Black woman who the media was ignoring in favor of stories about missing white women (That could be an entirely different blog topic). It’s now an epidemic, showing no signs of slowing down. the worst the criminal record, and with the more people they have killed or hurt, the more these women are attracted to them.

Just look at the minority female celebrities who have had thugs & rappers for boyfriends.

Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, actress Valeisha Butterfield, Janet Jackson, Vivica A.


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