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Dating a man with a bad past Signs that guy in online chatting only want sex

Q: I’m a hot 50-year-old who's dating a hot 30-year-old. For six months, it’s been about jetting off to Paris or bouncing to Thailand, so you’ve only seen his sunny side up. You've been married twice, so you know that it takes time to see someone's dark side.When we met six months ago, we agreed to keep it casual and fill our time with romantic dinners, impromptu getaways, and wild adventures. You need more intel on his daily vibe, temperament and credit score. Is Sallie Mae pursing him with wild abandon because he has 100K in student loans? My biggest concern is that this young hottie wants to be a papi.If they are focused more on their own needs than yours, it could be an indication that they will not be attentive to you, emotionally or physically. Any views and opinions expressed are not necessarily shared by Good Parker also says to watch out for people who continually put the blame for previous relationships on their exes. Questions or concerns about the preceding article can be directed to the author or posted as a comment below.

Holly Parker, a psychology professor at Harvard teaches a class entitled “The Psychology of Close Relationships,” and she believes that when people date casually, the number of notches on someone’s relationship belt should not be a significant issue.

I’m all for second chances and believing people can change.

And I don’t think we should continuously punish people for stupid mistakes they made in their youth.

However, if the dating progresses to something more serious, perhaps those notches should be examined a little more closely.

She advises looking at the level of responsibility that the person took for the unsuccessful relationships.


  1. Jan 22, 2013. Unless you are relatively young, it is highly unlikely that you will never date someone with an ex-spouse or ex-live-in-lover. The reality is that a large percentage of people have some. But don't rule everyone out based on the number of exes in their past. New York psychiatrist Gail Saltz says, “There is no.

  2. Oct 20, 2012. One thing we tend to forget but that we should all be aware of is that every single one of us has baggage. Some girls come with a tiny carry-on of fetishes and minor fears while others drag around oversize, fragile loads of rejection, bad dates and terrible experiences. But no matter the size of the baggage.

  3. Jul 10, 2011. There's no way around it—the person you're dating probably had sex with someone else before he or she had sex with you. Maybe a lot of people. Maybe in wild, kinky ways that you thought only happened in the most secret clubs in Bangkok. Maybe they lived in Bangkok. In any case, if you want to be.

  4. Dec 10, 2015. A few friends have recently begun new dating relationships with people who have “questionable” pasts, and shared their concerns with me. While I understand we are supposed to be intelligent and use their past or story to inform us of who someone is, was, or could be; at what point do they stop being that.

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