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Dating a girl who just broke up 100 dating and personals

The game uses minimal assets and invisible settings to change the game, allowing for different interactions.

The game has four endings, you can find them all...

This couple may not match up well in this way, cause they have to really look at the fundamentals of what they want in life. They’re actually really great at inspiring one another.

These two could potentially part ways amicably but if the Taurus man holds onto something that really rubbed him the wrong way; he may never be able to get past it thus leaving them on salty terms. The Sagittarius woman loves how stable this guy is and that he always wants the best. That means this is one of those matches where they COULD work it out if they wanted to.

But one day everything collapsed when you broke up with his wife. But one morning you decided to start all over again.

This is actually not a bad match but the two of them will have to work on it if they want to keep it going.

If the Sagittarius woman is finding herself bored or tired of Taurus’ jealous; it may make the relationship fall flat.

Mike - bounty hunter who is trying to earn more money for himself and his girl.

But she's sick of constantly worries about him and wants him to quit this dangerous work...


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