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Liebe Gäste und Interessierte des Kölner Salons, wir widmen uns den Umbaumaßnahmen und einem Relaunch.Aus diesem Grund bleibt der AIT-Architektur Salon Köln bis zum Wechsel vorübergehend geschlossen.stands for how Asians and Asian Americans struggled to define their social and cultural place in the larger American society. citizenship, opening businesses, running for political office or lobbying for social services are just some of the ways that Asians and Asian Americans worked to create dynamic communities in Washington state.The creation of community is not a simple process, however. What follows is a brief overview, written to help teachers navigate through this material.Because of space restrictions, this project focuses on Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino Americans, the three largest and oldest groups in Washington.Other groups, notably immigrants from Korea, the Pacific Islands, and Southeast Asia, receive limited attention here.is the process of people moving from place to place.Why people move away or are pushed out from where they lived, and why they are pulled to settle somewhere else, are the central questions behind migration.

While Asian immigration reached its high-water mark on the West Coast, it transformed America, adding diversity to an already multicultural society.

The Taiping Rebellion nearly tore Chinese society apart, British warships devastated China's major ports during the Opium War, and periodic flooding and famine wrecked the countryside.

South China, primarily the area around Guangzhou (Canton), suffered the most; and it was from here that the vast majority of immigrants came.

The Asian American experience is part of this mosaic.

The documents that accompany this essay demonstrate how Chinese, Japanese, and Filipinos came to Washington, struggled against discrimination, labored to earn their living, and created distinctive cultures and identities.


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