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Christian dating how to break up

I was free to focus on blossoming into the woman God had in mind when He created me.

I know that next time around, I’m going to make sure Christ is the absolute center of the relationship.

I felt renewed in Christ, and I rediscovered the passions God had given me. I started studying theology again and blogging about my faith.

I dusted off my tennis racket and hit the courts with my high school doubles partner.

I picked up where I left off, learning web design and programming.

Most importantly, I started spending time with God and making Him my first priority again.

Breakups can be incredibly painful, but my brother’s advice helped shift my focus away from trying to be who someone else wanted me to be and toward God and who He wanted me to be and who I was in Christ.

My focus was no longer on trying to restore a broken relationship that put pressure on me to be someone I wasn’t.

We’d been dating for a year and a half, and by the time we broke up, we’d been dating long distance for seven months.I’d spent so much time focusing on the relationship and not enough time focusing on God.After the breakup, I refocused on God, and in the process, I rediscovered myself.It became increasingly difficult when he suddenly decided he didn’t want to think about engagement for a few more years and that he was unwilling to relocate.I felt like I was being asked to make all the sacrifices. It’s tempting to neglect other areas of your life and let being in a relationship consume your energies.By the time my boyfriend and I broke up, I was relying on God more than I had since the beginning of our relationship.I also had a closer group of friends to run to for support.The truth of what we realize is that we too often end up just going around in a circle.Internet dating has been a major contributor to feeding the ‘rush’ mentality.It is certainly an experience that none of us want to experience.However the realities of life reveal that we have or we will very likely experience this one.


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