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Chinese muslim girls dating

Rich Indonesian-Chinese girls are probably the hardest to date in Jakarta.They are very careful about their image in their community and they wouldn't ruin their reputation for a random guy.This is also true about the top 5% Indonesian political elite.

For this reason, some Indonesian girls may feel that they should date an Indonesian guy because it is natural and less complicated. Among Indonesian girls who date foreigners, many used to be conventional.It is therefore quite natural for a girl who is a devout Muslim to look for a companion of the same faith so that she can actually marry him.She will feel that there is no point in dating someone who does not share the same religious beliefs.For instance, their is a huge consensus among Indonesians that husbands are the head of the household and that the wives should serve them (over 95% - see page 30 here).Dating or marrying a foreigner is rarely part of this narrative.The 6,700,000 remaining girls will most likely not date foreigners as few of them can accept a sexless relationship.Many Indonesian girls just prefer the Indonesian type of men.The law regarding interfaith marriage in Indonesia is complicated.As of today, the Indonesian Office of Religious Affairs forbids Muslims to marry people from different faith but allows it for Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists and Hindus.The 2010 Greater Jakarta Transition to Adulthood Survey asked 3,006 Indonesians between 20 and 34 years old about their sexual activity.5% of women had had pre-marital sex and 16% of men.


  1. Probably everyone sees Chinese as Buddhist and ignore the existence of Muslim in the ethnic Chinese people. In fact, Islam in China has a very rich.

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  6. I had been with a muslim boyfriend for more than 11 months. I knew from the start it will be difficult. I never did avoided the topic of our religion, we discussed.

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