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Even so, 42 percent of people in China say they are fully satisfied sexually, compared with 29 percent in Hong Kong.

This, according to surveys dating back to 2000, anecdotal evidence and personal experience.More than three in 10 women reported having no sexual desire, and the same number of women reported having trouble getting aroused, according to a study conducted in 2014 by the Family Planning Association of Hong Kong.Another third reported they experienced pain during sex.Michael Meyer first went to China in 1995 with the Peace Corps. We will require credit card information when you place the order. As with all web or phone orders, we can hold your book for in-store pickup, or ship it anywhere in the country. The winner of a Lowell Thomas Award for travel writing, Meyer has also won a Whiting Writers’ Award for nonfiction and a Guggenheim Fellowship. Through vivid local characters, Meyer illuminates the remnants of the imperial Willow Palisade, Russian and Japanese colonial cities and railways, and the POW camp into which a young American sergeant parachuted to free survivors of the Bataan Death March. While we can't guarantee fulfillment of a signed book pre-order, our authors are almost always able to sign extra books to fulfill such orders. Unless otherwise noted, we are happy to take requests for the author to sign your book to a specific person, but we can't guarantee it. We'll be selling books at the event, and nearly all of our events include a signing at the end of the talk. In Manchuria is a rich and original chronicle of contemporary China and its people. If you do get a personalized inscription, the book will be non-returnable. Do I have to pick it up in the store, or can you deliver my signed book? Terrible droughts have afflicted this region time and again.One, which lasted seven years, occurred exactly a century ago.For years, people have been trying to explain away the low sexual frequency rep.Low, as in as many as 35 percent of men saying that haven’t had sex during the previous six months, according to one study, and 18.1 percent of women having “low coital frequency”, as in no sex the entire year, according to another study.


  1. In Manchuria A Village Called Wasteland and the Transformation of Rural China. Date. Feb. 24. Tuesday February 24, 2015 PM. Once a commune, Wasteland is now a company town, a phenomenon happening across China that Meyer documents for the first time; indeed, not since Pearl Buck wrote The Good.

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