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Cheyenne free hookups

In those instances, we rely on a tank of some sort to collect our gray water.You don’t really have to do anything fancy for a gray water tank.😉 We have a sink in the PUP, but technically I had no idea where the water came from or where it went–or what the difference was when we camped with hookups versus dry camping.

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When we are camping in some more remote areas, though, full hookups are never an option.

We hit the store before our next stop and picked up a 7-gallon Aquatainer, which held a little bit more gray water.

These are available at Wal-Mart and many sporting goods stores, but you can also pick one up on Amazon.

Actually, all of the campgrounds we’ve ever visited have had waste water regulations.

It’s best to ask for the campground’s specific waste water rules beforehand.


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