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Doctors have advised that Ramya's eggs are very good, whereas my sperm count is very week and is not getting fertilised. " "Yes." "I wish to get pregnant with him for second child if you permit me dear? If you don't like it then please express it directly and openly, as I am also open with you." I thought for a while. "He was in Chennai, but settled in Coimbatore now, but he didn't get married because of my love failure with him, he is good natured person, broad minded and equally as good as you.That too, if you permit me, than I can go for second child with Manoj, or else we can stop with one itself of your friend." "I said, Okay Ramya if you are confident enough to say that he is good natured person?I will convince my husband later on though he likes only long hair." We had nice dinner. Suit was looking so good with all facilities, which I have not seen before. , I too co-operated with him and Manoj praised me and expressed his love towards me, I too reciprocated . I said, "No Manoj, I am married, and I should not do this Manoj. Meanwhile, I sent a message to my husband stating that there are chances to get stayed with Manoj tonight, and I asked hubby to take care of himself tonight. After reaching suit, he saw me and praised my beauty again. He locked the room and came near me and said "I want to kiss you Ramya. I should not have sex other than my husband as per our culture and tradition though we both are attracted to each other. HUBBY PERMITS HIS LOVING WIFE TO HAVE SEX WITH EX-LOVER We are a Tamil couple live in Chennai Suburban.I came across this site and started reading stories, which is of my choice, like it very much, and I thought of sharing my own experience which took place eight years before.

Then I adjusted her sari pallu, made visible her navel and loosed her bra to make boobs hang down slightly, made visible her bosoms. Please don't make me cut it." We both sat in car and started driving. Manoj started undressing me and made me nude, saw my clean shaven pussy and gave a kiss in it.I took some snaps before hair cut and also recorded entire haircut of Ramya in my latest mobile cam. You look so beautiful and modern Ramya." "Thanks hubby." "I am wondering and imagining why I have not made you to cut your hair before? " "Thanks hubby." I took some photographs in various positions, as time was fast approaching, she sat in car and finally I dropped her 100 meters before and was anxiously waiting in car. To impress you I cut my long hair today after noon only for you dear. I was moaning nicely and I went down to suck his thick cock. I saw Manoj with full of love and lust towards me, even I was having the same love and lust towards him.I was looking at her continuously as there was a drastic change in her appearance and beauty, she was looking awesome, so amazing in this hair style and became so modern. " She smiled at me and asked me, "Am I looking so modern? Manoj came in another taxi and he came out of car, he is good looking person with good physique compared to me, he was surprised to see her in cute bob cut, shook hands and slightly hugged her and they both sat in car and left to Hotel. I love you Manoj." "How I am looking Manoj." "You look excellent and modern Ramya." We had some casual talk. I took his cock in my hands with full of pubic hairs around it, and started stroking slowly. We both started fulfilling our love and lust towards each other.After her marriage she found me to be a broad minded person she confessed everything about her and her past including her previous love. "Ramya, why you don't get pregnant through my friend who is living abroad as he visits India once in three years and it will be safe for us also". Let us think about this option in another three years after his subsequent visit and then we can go for it." "If your friend seems to a good broad minded person like you, than get him introduced to me, even I can observe him during his stay in India and later we can decide about it." "Hubby, Even I have a small suggestion, I have in my mind and would like to express it to you?We have been trying to get pregnant, but could not materialise as my sperm count is very less and I after improving my sperm count and also through artificial fertilisation could not materialise in my case. " "You should not get angry with me, if you like it, permit me or else say no to it, I will leave it." "After getting married I have expressed about my ex-lover Manoj(Name Changed)? I asked him how about his character and what is he doing now?After getting married our sexual life was going on very well.Ramya is religious, cultural and traditional lady looking very beautiful, fair complexion with very good structure and with long thick hair up to her waist.Being a traditional girl she did not go against her parent's wish and she is married with me by her parents. "I being a traditional Tamil girl I should not have sex other than my husband, to get pregnant we will try for another six months." We tried some further treatments and had frequent outing for mating to get pregnant in different locations, but it could not materialise and eight months have lapsed and she could not get pregnant through me. See Ramya, My friend is living abroad is likely to visit India in another three months, shall I start my conversation with him, are you are prepared to have sex with him to get pregnant". In future, we should have kids to bring them up and look after us in later part of our life also.When she was getting married with me she is a virgin. Finally, once in weekend in bed, "I suggested to Ramya that we have to take some other recourse or measures to make you pregnant, . So I with full heart permit you to do so dear." "So think it over and give a positive reply Ramya." She thought for a while and said, "O,kay, hubby, I am ready to do it, but not now and I do this only for you. Ramya said, "Hubby, I commit and do this, but I am forced to do this only for you, but you should not let me down hubby at any cost." "No dear, I will be supportive and don't get worried about it." Ramya said, "Hubby, First you observe your friend during his visit to India and see how his character is, and he should be a broad minded and kind hearted person, if it is clear then I am ready to have sex with him and get pregnant, but not during this visit." "Yes hubby," "Then Ramya, you call him and have sex with him and get pregnant with him for first child itself." "Really you agree for it hubby," "Yes dear.You do it." "You do it immediately by tomorrow and get in touch with him and slowly call him to our place of residence, seduce him and have sex with him." "She hugged and thanked me for this gesture." "But Ramya, you have to maintain one condition.


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