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Rates of social media usage increased even more among internet users only. Egyptians and other nationals watch spiritual content and sports in equal proportions (spiritual: 47% Egyptians vs. 66% other nationals), science and technology (42% vs. Egyptians’ average weekly online face time with family and friends is similar to other nationals (other nationals: 33 hours with family, 13 hours with friends).

Compared with 2015, use of Facebook among internet users increased by 5 percentage points, Facebook messenger by 37-points, Whats App by 17-points, You Tube by 20-points, and Instagram by 32-points (2017: 93% Facebook, 82% Facebook messenger, 75% Whats App, 69% You Tube, 42% Instagram). Less than half of Egyptians watch spiritual content, sports, or social satire on TV (47%, 39%, and 30%, respectively). Despite relatively stable internet use over the past two years (45% in 2015 vs.

If you need help with your visa application or want to learn more about obtaining a visa to travel to the United States, please contact us via any of the means shown below.However, using smartphones to connect to the internet is rising and computer use declining (smartphones: 32% in 2015 vs. While overall less common, rates of connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi and mobile data service are similar to each other (67% each). 33% other nationals, stopped using social media services: 12% vs. Additionally, 73% of Egyptian smartphone owners watch news videos on their smartphone at all, and 46% do so daily. Interpersonal sources have also declined in importance in Egypt as a source for news and information (64% in 2013 vs. Egyptians express much more interest in local and national news than news from outside the country.Egyptians use the internet primarily to interact with others (46% see what friends and family are doing, 46% get messages via direct message, 45% get messages on social media, 45% post messages/comments on social media, 43% re-post others’ content, 42% post/share own multimedia content, 41% post messages/comments on direct message). However, Egyptians report lower participation rates in all internet activities compared to other nationals due to an overall lower internet penetration rate. Egyptians say television is by far the most important source for news and information but not as important as they indicated in 2013 (84% in 2013 vs. Additionally, compared to nationals from other countries far fewer Egyptians follow news from outside their borders.Twitter is the only platform that did not increase in use—down 3-points since 2015 (22% in 2017). As in other countries, newspaper readership in Egypt declined over time, from 25% in 2013 to 24% in 2015 to only 16% in 2017. Compared to other nationals, Egyptians watch more comedy on TV, but less news and satire (comedy: 77% Egyptians vs. 50% in 2017), Egyptians’ over those same two years now spend double the number of hours per week online with friends (4.4 hours in 2015 vs.Compared with other nationals, Egyptians are using Facebook at increasing rates while Facebook’s popularity is declining among their Middle Eastern counterparts (Egyptian internet users: 81% in 2013 vs. Less than half of Egyptians use direct messaging (46%). Egyptians consume TV almost exclusively in Arabic (96% Arabic, 6% English). Comedy is the most popular TV genre in Egypt followed by news (77% and 61%, respectively). 8 hours in 2017); this is comparable to their Middle Eastern counterparts who are otherwise more likely to be online (8 hours with friends online Egyptians vs. The time Egyptians spend online with family is relatively unchanged from 2015 and lower than other nationals (Egyptians: 3 hours in 2015 vs.93% in 2017; other nationals using the internet: 90% vs. And stable Twitter usage across Egyptian internet users contrasts with a nearly fifty percent decrease usage rate among internet users in other counties (Egyptians: 23% in 2013 vs. Of those, the vast majority of chats are with individuals as opposed to groups (85% individual vs. This represents not only the lowest group messaging rate across the region (50% other nationals), but also a decline since 2015 (32% in 2015). By comparison, while increases in internet use in Arabic rose proportionally with overall internet use, the rate of using the internet in English remains unchanged (Arabic: 43% in 2015 vs. While comedy viewership on TV remains relatively stable over time , TV news viewership declined steadily over the same timeframe (comedy: 64% in 2013 vs. 4 hours in 2017; other nationals: 8 hours in 2017).Along with Qatar, Egypt is the only country where messaging via group chat decreased over time. Nearly all Egyptians watch TV, similar to nationals in other countries (96% Egyptians vs. However, they are less likely than other nationals in the region to use other types of offline media, including radio , newspapers, books, and magazines (radio: 33% Egyptians vs. While internet penetration increased by only five percentage points since 2015, use of Facebook increased by 8-points, Whats App by 12-points, You Tube by 13-points, and Instagram by 17-points (2017: 47% Facebook, 38% Whats App, 35% You Tube, 21% Instagram). Considering specifically internet users, the proportion of Egyptians watching news online is relatively unchanged over time, while the rates of viewing comedy, sports, and social satire online rose (news: 76% in 2013 vs. Egyptians are most likely to follow news about current affairs, arts and entertainment, and spirituality (91%, 78%, and 76%, respectively). Egyptians increasingly spend more face-to-face time with family, rising from 9 to 20 to 31 hours per week across 2013, 2015, and 2017.Twitter is the only platform not experiencing broader use since 2015 (11% in 2017). Online watching rose since 2015 across news, comedy, sports, and social satire (news: 30% in 2015 vs. Yet Egyptians are far less likely than other nationals to follow news about education (50% Egyptians vs. During the same time period, face-to-face time with friends remains unchanged at about 11 hours on average per week.Other countries in the Middle East and North Africa (like Morocco) have also limited access to anonymous messaging services and Turkey in recent days has blocked social media in light of the recent assassination of the Russian ambassador.“These disruptions are not uniform and the causes behind them are not clear,” said Rasha Abdulla, professor of communications at American University in Cairo, who authored a book on the internet in the Arab world.


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