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Woman B: Finding the right woman to participate with us.

I told him he couldn't French kiss her, but anything else he wanted to do was fair game.The three of us all decided we didn't want to be drunk for the experience, so we stopped at just one drink.We had a lovely conversation and talked about our past sexual experiences.Then we'd look at them together to see how they dressed, how they posed in pictures, and how they marketed themselves.We kept narrowing it down over a period of a couple of months and then spent a week getting prices from a few just to see how much it would cost.Every time you see a threesome featured on TV or in a movie, you usually just see three people kissing and then waking up the next morning, leaving you with no idea of what actually happened in between. I'd also read so much about [how] threesomes could cause trouble in a relationship, so I really had to think about it. Woman C: My partner and I have been in an open relationship since day one, so it wasn't a shock when two or three months into our relationship he asked me if I wanted to try sleeping with other people together.In this week's Sex Talk Realness, spoke with three women about their experiences with sleeping with more than one person at the same time and figuring out how to make it work. Plus, even though I had only kissed one girl at that point, I knew I was interested in having a sexual experience with another woman. Instead of fighting over him, I joked that we should have a threesome. My friend told me she really wanted to sleep with him and I laughed and said I did too.We aren't really party-all-night people, so that also contributed to how long it took us to actually make our threesome dream come true. Woman C: The woman that we found lived back in our hometown, so we planned to meet her while we were there visiting.Was there anything you were particularly nervous about before the threesome happened? We were staying with family, so we didn't really have a private space to bring her back to, so we booked a nice hotel room nearby to use for the night. Woman A: We definitely had our hands down each other's pants in the cab and then once we got to his place, my friend and I started taking turns with the guy.


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