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It’s the end of 2018’s #NASCARGoes West stretch of races.

Time for drivers and crews to change their clocks back to Eastern Daylight Time.

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Both countries have experienced rising average incomes, accompanied by an increasing rate of nutrition-related chronic diseases in recent years.

“It goes without saying that we will fully support Lowe’s and our program together in 2018 as we pursue another championship.

The success of the relationship has been unbelievable.” Johnson, 42, recently inked a contract extension with Hendrick Motorsports that goes through 2020.

Given the regional heterogeneity between these two countries, we analyze the extent to which income growth as a major driver of nutrition transition has a significant effect on the consumption of different food aggregates and how these effects differ between Chinese and Russian consumers.

Our results indicate that with increasing household incomes over time the demand for carbohydrates decreases, while the demand for meat and dairy products, as well as fruits increases.


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