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For more information, check the website of Centreon: The purpose of this section is to describe the ideal partitioning recommended in order to get the optimal performances for your Centreon monitoring platform.

In order to install Centreon, it’s necessary to have a server that can be formatted.

If so, you can insert your CES CD in the drive and configure your server BIOS to boot on the CD.

In this article, our server will be installed on VMware Workstation, but the procedure is virtually the same for one physical server to share the particularity of VMtools.

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Centreon acts as a dashboard (front-end) to Nagios.

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Check this website to know what localization code to use.

Centreon is an Open Source software package that lets you supervise all the infrastructure and applications comprising your information system.

Centreon is the system and network monitoring software adapted to the needs of your ISD.

So we need to download the ISO file from the Centreon download page.

The table below gives the prerequisites for the installation of CES.


  1. Fully Automated Nagios and Centreon dashboard. Create configurations without manually editing Nagios config files by using Centreon software. Centreon acts as a dashboard front-end to Nagios. In the example below we will use Centreon as part of the Fully Automated Nagios FAN installation.

  2. ResourceFolder$/translation/graphs-report/graphs. host-graphs -v2.rptdesign. Check this website to know what localization code to use. 3 – Upload the translation files to Centreon BI reporting server.

  3. Centreon Enterprise Server CES includes all Centreon functions in a unique delivers a complete, professional, integrating the software suite Centreon Centreon, centreon Engine Centreon Broker.

  4. Centreon. Bonjour un tous, un petit tips si vous rencontre ce genre de problème update time is 1359215263 minimum one second step. Voici une simple commande pour résoudre ce problème

  5. Image_Canvas Image_Color Image_Graph Image_GraphViz Mail Mail_Mime Net_SMTP Net_Socket Net_Traceroute Net_Ping Validate SOAP you want to update Centreon Apache sub configuration file ? y/n, default to n y Backup Centreon Apache configuration completed.

  6. In /etc/nagios 4.7 Permissions 4.8 Centreon/Oreon Graphing and ODS Oreon Data Storage 4.8.1 How to actually make the graphs Checking Data For GraphPost CentOS Install Update CentOS 5.x yum update && yum upgrade. Adding RPMforge Repository Main RPMForge Page http.

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