Cacti rd not updating

Subject: [cacti-user] snmp generic oid not working?

Hi, I'm trying to monitor the context switches on my system...

To change the SNMP community string, you need to telnet onto the modem to change it.

"All these counter slowly increase." The manual explains the ABSOLUTE data source type as: "[ABSOLUTE] is for counters which get reset upon reading.

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Originally, I was using a Big Pond Thomson ST536v6, but unfortunately, the SNMP agent on the Thomson will only expose the Sync Rate, and not the SNR and Attenuation.Unless you advise us to the contrary, by accepting communications that may contain your personal=20 information from us via email, you are deemed to provide your=20 consent to our transmission of the contents of this message in=20 this manner.If you do not want to communicate with us via=20 email, please contact the writer of this message immediately.Adam Clark =20 Network Administrator National Gallery of Victoria 180 St Kilda Rd Melbourne, Vic, 3004 Hey, Don't know if you got it fixed or not.Change the Maximum size from = 100 to higher, should work then.The problem appears to be the select,, data_as data_input_method, as active from data_template,data_template_data left join data_input on data_template_data.data_input_id = data_where data_= data_template_data.data_template_id and data_template_data.local_data_id = 0 order by data_query in /data_ -- Tom Chiverton Advanced Cold Fusion Programmer Heya, I'm having a bit of difficulty interpreting the documentation regarding data Queries.If I remove the data_template_data.local_data_id=0 clause, I get a bit long list back as expected, other wise I get a much shorter list (just ones I've created today for debugging, basically). This is my first attempt at it, so I may not get some fundamental idea.This is used for fast counters which tend to overflow".The COUNTER dst is for 32 or 64 bit counters, I doubt yours are either. :) DERIVE: "Internally, derive works exactly like COUNTER but without overflow checks.Well, I got around this by defining data sources with "snmp data" and putting there the correct OID.So, for instance, I got a "Used space /" "Get snnp data" "SNMP-Generic OID Template" where I had something like "Used space /" "Get Script data(Indexed)" "Host MIB - HD Space" So now I get a value for the used space...


  1. This is not very error resistant. The data used for updating the RRD was. This is mostly intended to allow rrdcached to work with xymon and cacti tools without.

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