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Soldiers serving in the Spanish–American War began to recrease the Stetson hat with a Montana "pinch" to better shed water from the torrential tropical rains.Many retained that distinctive crease upon their return to the U. The park photographs, in all likelihood, show Buffalo Soldiers who were veterans from that 1898 war.One soldier was killed and two wounded in gun battles with locals.Nevertheless, the 9th Cavalry remained in Wyoming for nearly a year to quell tensions in the area.The 6th Cavalry was ordered in by President Benjamin Harrison to quell the violence and capture the band of hired killers.Soon afterward, however, the 9th Cavalry was specifically called on to replace the 6th.As military stewards, the African American cavalry and infantry regiments protected the national parks from illegal grazing, poaching, timber thieves, and forest fires.

At various times from 1873 through 1885, Fort Concho housed 9th Cavalry companies A–F, K, and M, 10th Cavalry companies A, D–G, I, L, and M, 24th Infantry companies D–G, and K, and 25th Infantry companies G and K.

The 6th Cavalry was swaying under the local political and social pressures and was unable to keep the peace in the tense environment.

The Buffalo Soldiers responded within about two weeks from Nebraska, and moved the men to the rail town of Suggs, Wyoming, creating "Camp Bettens" despite a hostile local population.

A lesser known action was the 9th Cavalry's participation in the fabled Johnson County War, an 1892 land war in Johnson County, Wyoming, between small farmers and large, wealthy ranchers.

It culminated in a lengthy shootout between local farmers, a band of hired killers, and a sheriff's posse.


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