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Bucharest expat dating

But I've got a name for myself and I'm surviving in something that I love to do."No one knows the exact number of Brits who live in Romania because, since its accession to the European Union in 2007, they no longer need to register.

Given the preference for English speakers, even those who don't know much Romanian can quickly find work."My income is a tenth of what I had in the UK but you can dine out for a fifth of what it costs in the UK."Council tax can be as little as £27 a year while Bucharest is one of the few European capitals where you can still find a pint for £1.Food and petrol is surprisingly expensive – a litre of fuel will set you back 6 lei (£1.16).He even represented Romania in the 2011 Eurovision song contest, after his adopted nation warmed to the fact that a western European man had bothered to learn their language and wanted to represent their country.Like many of the expats living here, he has viewed the increasingly hostile reaction coming out of Britain towards Romanian and Bulgarian migrants with a mixture of disappointment and embarrassment."Brits are trying to escape the UK as well," he says. We have a go at people for leaving Romania but there are plenty of us wanting to leave as well.I got very lucky, I didn't really know what Cluj was like or even whether I'd be able to find work.But the town's a really nice place and there are plenty of employment opportunities." He now works for an American software company as a proof-reader.In 2010, public-sector wages were cut by 25 per cent.But for those who stuck around there is still the opportunity to make good money – in a country where the cost of living, even if the salaries are low, remains cheap."The quality of life is much higher," says Damian Galvin, who used to work for Aston Martin before moving to Romania in 2003 and setting up his company, White Mountain Property, in Brasov.But come January 2014, those quotas will be lifted.The British embassy said it believed the number of Brits living in Romania is 3,000-4,000.


  1. Created by an American living in Romania, the Bucharest Expat is one of the only sites built exclusively for expatriates living in the Romanian capital. Self-billed as a fair and balanced analysis of the political and business scene in Romania, this online daily newspaper will keep the curious expat up to date on the.

  2. Jul 4, 2014. Columnist Eleonore af Schaumburg-Lippe writes in her weekly column about life as an expat in Romania. This week she writes about the Romanian so called “expat hunters”, and about how far they will go in their pursuit of happiness to get an expat man into their lives. That is since they don't value the.

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