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There is nothing in Islam that would condemn contraception; on the contrary, Muslim scholars investigated and developed birth control methods which were taken to Europe.Avicenna, a famous Muslim doctor, lists in one of his books 20 different substances that can be used to prevent pregnancy.Indeed, at times there has been strong social pressure not to have more children than the wider community could accommodate.There is little to no condemnation of using birth control in most major religions.

Religious traditions are more pluralistic and varied than that, however, and even within the religions most publicly opposed to birth control we find that there are traditions which would permit the use of contraceptives, even if only in limited circumstances.

It's true that most religions promote fertility because they date back to eras when high fertility rates could mean the difference between the survival or death of a community, yet despite this, room is still made for allowing or even promoting wise family planning.

Why is it, then, that conservative Christians in modern America have started to oppose the use of contraceptives?

The vast majority of Protestant denominations, theologians, and churches at least permit contraception and may even promote family planning as an important moral good.

Ancient Judaism was naturally pro-natalist, but without a central authority dictating orthodox beliefs there has been vigorous debate on the question of birth control.


  1. Birth control definition, regulation of the number of children born through the deliberate control or prevention of conception. See more.

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  3. UpToDate, the evidence-based clinical decision support resource from Wolters Kluwer, is trusted at the point of care by clinicians worldwide.

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