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MICHAEL: Did you know that you were originally reading for the pivotal role of Billy Abbott on “Y&R” when you auditioned?

How do you feel about this new guy you are inhabiting?

MICHAEL: Do you have any favorite “Richie” moments?

BILLY: There are days when you go to work, and I take everything personally, not only in my work but in everyday life.

He would say in jest, “She did not know anything about you. We pleasantly collided once in awhile with no strings.” But as you get older, those aren’t the rules you can live by. It certainly would throw a wrench in mine in real life. And since John is gone, and Jack is so much older, and the two of them are so much alike it’s difficult.

But this guy definitely has got an edge, and he is a bit of a bad boy.I am very lucky to have a job, but it’s also like a scholarship to learn to hang out with Jess Walton, Jeanne Cooper (Kay) and Peter Bergman (Jack).You should bring your notes and put your study hat on to be a better actor.That’s what I did in New York, and that’s what I am doing here. As soon as I got on the scene, she and her husband Justin Bruening (Ex-Jamie) showed me around, and I screen-tested with her, too.There are some good moments when I am believable, and there are times when I am bad and it’s not worth watching. MICHAEL: Richie also fell for Babe Chandler, originally played by Alexa Havins. I have yet to see them since I have been out here in LA.It’s fun, but he is a bad boy you might want to take home, but he is not the kind that will slit your throat before you get there. It was his grandmother and the one person he can’t BS. MICHAEL: Elizabeth Hendrickson plays Chloe, and you had both worked on “AMC”. BILLY: She had left New York before I got there, and we have become good friends.(He laughs) MICHAEL: Billy did show some signs of humanity when his grandmother Katherine had died. Even though he had spent years away from his grandmother, you know he really doesn’t know who he is. All my friends that are still there are friends of hers. Elizabeth is a wonderful actress and she can turn it on and off. Daniel Goddard (Cane) had a quote and I will steal it: “It’s easier to be jerks to each other than acting like that in real life,” otherwise, you don’t know how far you are going to take it. Billy’s last relationship was with his cousin Mackenzie did not work. Chloe was a little nutty and Billy is a little nutty, too.Then I found out I got it, and everyone at the set in New York was happy for the good news! I think I finished work five days before I had to start work out here.So, I had to move everything back to LA, and I got off the plane and came straight to the studio. MICHAEL: How was working with Melissa Claire Egan, who is now doing a fabulous job as your former whacked-out sister, Annie, on “AMC”?And there are days when I feel slightly satisfied, and those are the good days.I am not at the caliber that I am trying to get to.


  1. THE BILLY MILLER INTERVIEW – THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. BILLY It was not quite. I think he said before that he was dating somebody.

  2. Kelly Monaco, Burbank, California. 24K likes. Fan page for Miss Monaco! Kelly Marie Monaco born May 23. 4th of July fun having fun with Billy Miller.

  3. Billy Miller, Actor American Sniper. Billy Miller was born on September 17, 1979 as William John Miller. He is an actor and producer, known for American Sniper 2014.

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