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Bethlehem dating

It is Europe's oldest psychiatric hospital, and the word "Bethlemite" used for its inmates came to be used generically for a madman.

He was seemingly charming and compassionate, a buff and handsome Lower Saucon Township man looking for dates through social media, authorities said. Mull would treat the women he met nicely, police alleged Friday, but soon a far darker side would emerge — one that investigators now believe left sex-trafficking victims stretching across the country, from Bethlehem to Honolulu.“He travels, and he leaves behind the carnage,” Bethlehem police Chief Mark Di Luzio said at a news conference at the Northampton County Courthouse.

The white costume worn by the members was decorated with a red cross and the rule prescribed for them was very similar to that of the Knights of St. That their needs might be supplied, the pope turned over to them the property and revenues of the order of St.

27 — a month before the Bethlehem case — where the teen reported Mull raped her after unsuccessfully trying to persuade her to have sex with him and another woman.

According to court records, police seized Mull’s cellphone and uncovered “numerous videos the defendant made of having sexual intercourse with other young girls.” One video showed a female crying in an elevator, calling 911 and giving her location as the Marriott on Market Street in Philadelphia.

Two weeks ago, Colonial Regional police accused Mull of forcing himself upon a 19-year-old woman at a Best Western in Hanover Township, Northampton County.

Police said officers were called to the Gateway Drive hotel Sept.


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