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Ben barnes and amanda seyfried dating

He also starred in the films The Big Wedding, The Words, and Stardust.He moved to TV upon landing a sizable role in HBO’s Westworld.But it’s not easy to impress Ben Barnes as his view of love, marriage and having a wife is pure and different.In an interview on 10th March 2015, Ben Barnes expressed his thoughts and qualities that a partner should have to start a married life with her: My mother is a relationship counselor and I learned a lot about love from her, love is something that comes out of a mutual trust with your partner. According to Ben, most of the girls like bad boys in school age.Moreover, Ben was romantically linked with his Big Wedding co-star Amanda Seyfried in 2013, and when he was confronted regarding the rumored dating affair in an interview on May 21, 2013, then he termed their relationship as “a good friend.”In few other rare occasions, Ben’s dating life created headlines, but in the absence of any confirmation, it died to be a rumor.However, Ben may be single or he could be secretly romancing with his girlfriend in real life, keeping his love life away from the limelight, as he shared his thoughts in love.I haven’t ever done any television before I always knew what the beginning, middle and end of the story was and what the full character was before.

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So this is a bit unnerving, feeling like I knew where the character began but nothing else.

It was kind of exciting because it felt like you were watching the sort of big [thing] — you know, I’ve never read something with more incredible plots and twists and turns and surprises in my life, and we would wait for these scripts to come out on our biweekly or monthly basis, and then you sit and read them and you’ll start buzzing with texts like, “Oh my god did you read that!

”Ben Barnes an English Actor who became known for portraying Prince Caspian on two Chronicles of Narnia films.

He divulged, "I found myself playing more and more Americans — I don’t think I’ve played a Brit in years, I’ve kind of been just playing Americans. My first film ever was playing a Russian and I haven’t really looked back, in terms of accents — I’ve only played a Brit about four or five times ever in my life which is slightly odd because I haven’t sort of been gunning for that if you [will].

I thought I’d be in the sort of Hugh Grant casting bracket, but it seems to have taken a bit of a turn." I’m the opposite of those people who are like, “I don’t have a television.” I’m the person who is very happy to say I have binged five episodes of something and call that an evening and not feel shameful about it.


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  2. Ben Barnes Neither Married Nor Dating. Ben Barnes with Amanda Seyfried in the movie "Big Wedding" 2013. Ben and Felicity.

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