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Beautiful girl dating ugly guy japanese dating strike dontmarry

yeah but the thing is that he acted like a douche and that is something that I don't understand also, he tried to hit me from behind, and I didn't know that she was his girlfriend, he was insulting and saying **** to me when I was tried to apologize and seconds later we got kicked out so.... He saw some dude cozying up to his girlfriend and instincts took over rather than rational thought. Mine preaches LOGIC FOR EVERYTHING, RATIONAL DECISIONS but if at ANY point he saw some dude getting all up on me he would have his fist connecting with their face so quickly they'd never even see it coming.It's a natural instinct to protect your bottom bltch from other males trying to 'mate' with her. He was angry, so yeah a blind shot wasn't a fair move, but blame nature, not him.You don't need to rage about it, you simply just pull her away.Maybe I have a different perspective because I have the kind of boyfriend who would lose his crap if he went to go take a leak and came back and a bunch of guys were trying to chat me up.It was probably a knee-jerk reaction on the boyfriend's part and I still feel that he isn't a douchebag simply because of the fact that he wasn't thinking rationally, he just acted. It would not have made him not a douchebag or more of one if he had been attractive, but because he was ugly, he's a douchebag for those actions when an attractive male wouldn't have been one? All I'm really hearing here is "This dude co ck blocked me and got pissed because he knows he has to hold onto this girl because he's ugly and won't get a girl like her again". i'm not shallow in the slightest, and my friend has always dated the popular guys but she ends up getting hurt so she's looking for someone different!and that's my time to swoop in ;) The 'dictionary' definition is a pimp's longest-term hooker, who is basically his second in command.I know from experience it's not because he's trying to be alphamale.

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So either he's really, really rich and she's really shallow, or she doesn't care what's on the outside and loves him for who he is, and would rather have a guy who isn't a conventional 'hottie' than one who might be but who is hideous on the inside. You don't need to rage about it, you simply just pull her away.

And trust me I would have no problem beating the sh!

t out of someone who did anything to my wife that was not right.

My ex got hit on all the time, it never bothered me, probably because she was very clingly towards me.

She was the one that got jealous when I'd get hit on lol.


  1. How Did the "Ugly" Guy Get the Hot Girl? - So, I saw something that pissed me off, so I thought I would rant about it. A very beautiful girl gamer YouTuber.

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