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Furthermore, the Sql Data Source and Access Data Source controls can be used to both access and modify data; however, this article only examines accessing data.We'll see how to use these Data Source controls to modify database data in a future installment.One downside of this approach is using trigger , people generally dont recommend it .But its all you have to decide what you are going for .In fact, the Access Data Source control is really superfluous since Microsoft Access databases can be accessed through the Sql Data Source control just as easily.

With the declarative, "code free" Data Source controls you can create a page that displays database data in under 15 seconds and without having to write a line of code. Both controls have virtually the same featureset, the only difference being how you specify the connection information.What you can do is for the user corresponding to whome the radio button is selected , you take is id(GUID) or username and then through mambership api set its Is Approved status to true or false .For eg say user whose username is "xyz" and corresponding radio button is unchecked ie he/she has to be deactivated , then this is what you can do :- Membership. Is Approved = false; And then in database you can set a trigger on aspnet_membership table for updated event . NET, and now getting into the depths of database interaction!This is probabaly a really easy solution, but i want a simple example of how to update a field in database?Thankyou for replying, i am not using Membership API's, but anyways i have found this one way, but its a bit 'Old fashioned', what i have done is i have created one page, which only updates the status(from codebehind) of the user once invoked, and on click of the radio button(using javascript), i am invoking the page using iframe with proper query strings.if you guys have anyother suggestions then do let me know. Your issue has nothing to do with the update itself. NET 2.0 introduced a number of new Web controls designed for accessing and modifying data. In short, with the Data Source controls you can work with data without having to write a lick of data access code. NET 1.x, which required oft-repeated code to access data.I'm using this parameter, and Patient Registered Location.Selected Value is always 2, shouldn't it change when you select a different list item?


  1. In this article we will introduce How can we Update data in Database in using C#. Update data in Database in using C#. In this example we select the.

  2. Hi. The following solution assumes that you are using MemberShip API for your application user management. And your database is having aspnet_* tables which.

  3. Simply i want.textbox1=S1, S2 then on button click event the S1 and S2 column value of Table in MSSql2005 database will be updated with the value "b.

  4. I try to update database in MS SQL in ASP using This is my code. There is no error but the data in database are not updated Dim cnConnect As New SqlConnection.

  5. I am fairly new to the ASP. NET, and now getting into the depths of database interaction! This is probabaly a really easy solution, but i want a simple example of how.

  6. This article, by Scott Mitchell, examines how to use the SqlDataSource and AccessDataSource controls to access relational database data.

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