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Without writing a line of declarative markup or server-side source code, the page developer gets a decent out of the box editing interface.

Namely, each field in the Grid View or Details View is rendered in its editing interface; Bound Fields display a Text Box control while Check Box Fields display an enabled checkbox.

The screen shot below shows a List View control that lists the products from the Northwind database table.

Note that all of the read-only items have an Edit button.

From the end user's perspective, the end-to-end data modification workflow unfolds like this: the user clicks the Edit button; there's a short pause before that item's editing interface is displayed.

The user modifies the data as needed and clicks the Update button, which saves the data and returns the screen to its pre-editing view.

queries which you are going use to do insert update delete in List View in

After changes finally you will see the following output.

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NET: Updating Basics.) A List View control that supports editing typically includes an Edit button with each item that, when clicked, displays that item's editing interface.

In this article we are going to discuss about the List View operation which are normally we can do easily.

We are going to see how to insert update delete in List View in or you can say insert update delete operations List View in

The Cancel button, if clicked, causes a postback and kicks off the canceling workflow: has been set to -1.

Furthermore, the just-updated record's new values are displayed in the read-only interface because the data is rebound to the List View (step 7) after the update is issued (step 4).


  1. Page_Load事件中,要把控件绑定数据的方法放在ispostback方法里面,以避免在页面加载的时候首 都要加载原来的数据.

  2. ListView控件用于显示数据,它提供了编辑、删除、插入、分页与排序等功能,它的分页功能是通过DataPager控件来实现的。

  3. Just copy paste this code inside one of your page and that page should be inherited from master page. to do this insert update delete in ListView in asp.netwe.

  4. This article, the first in a multi-part series by author Scott Mitchell, looks at how to display data using version 3.5's new ListView control.

  5. Mis. PageBase:封装了页面登陆判断等一些信息;具体数据的处理,像插入数据库库、数据判断等在其他封装类里实现。

  6. This article, one in a multi-part series by author Scott Mitchell, looks at how to edit data using 3.5's ListView control.

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