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Mey Valdivia Rude is a bisexual Latina trans woman living in Los Angeles.

She's a writer, comic consultant and a trans activist.

After all—it’s the Avatar’s job to bring balance to the world.‘s relationship dynamics at length—that her relationship with Mako, Korra’s boyfriend in season one, was never intended to last any longer than it did, and that the pairing of Korra and Asami wasn’t planned (much like Varrick and Zhu Li), but came as a natural part of the writing process.There is the inevitable reaction, “Mike and Bryan just caved in to the fans.” Well, which fans?But because the moment was ambiguous, fans wondered—did this make Korra and Asami a couple?This week, the show’s creators Michael Dante Di Martino and Bryan Konietzko took to Tumblr to give viewers an answer.This makes sense as it’s written by Michael Dante Di Martino, one of the co-creators and writers of .The art — by Asian-American artist Irene Koh, with colors by Vivian Ng — is perfectly dynamic for a comic based on a cartoon, and while it’s definitely in Koh’s style, it retains all the stunning visual style of the show. If you were looking for nuance or subtext, this comic is not for you.Apart from the whole gay thing, there’s trouble brewing when a developer wants to build an amusement park around one of the portals to the Spirit World that will actually take tourists on trips there.The Mayor of Republic City has been completely ineffectual and claims that the city’s coffers are empty.As if these political problems weren’t enough, there’s a new gang leader, Tokuga, who starts causing problems not just for Korra, but for the entire city.It’s really interesting to see how queerness is seen in the world of .


  1. The Legend of Korra's stellar finale, which was released online last Friday you can watch it, along with all of Korra's

  2. Oof you're art style is glorious and gives me the fuzzies. asking if you had a girlfriend and if you were interested in dating. Korrasami korra asami tlok.

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