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Aquarius man dating a cancer woman

But when I found out that he was sill married, but separated from his wife, I called it off!

He insisted that I was wrong, so I felt bad and apologized!

We both love each other dearly n even though we have our ups n downs n drama feel moments I still feel like one day we will not just be in same book but on same page.. He kept in touch with me pretty regularly for two months straight.

The union makes each of them twice as strong, together they can achieve a lot in life: have a brilliant career, create a strong happy family and raise good children.

They will never be bored together, they will gladly walk, talk, and discuss projects and plans.

They know how to fine-tune the wave of each other - so the Cancer man and Scorpio woman can understand each other without words. Her expressive eyes speak of an outstanding mind, which is combined with a practical cunning.

Externally, the Scorpio woman can be restrained, and even cold, but a real flame of feelings is burning in her soul, and who, if not the Cancer man to know this!


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