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Aren’t you lucky: you study in the heart of Antwerp, at the ultramodern Groenplaats city campus. With your laptop in class, the study area, the lounge and the View, our hip study and meeting space. You can hardly imagine a more central place: with a view of the cathedral and the Groenplaats. And then we haven’t even mentioned the many sidewalk cafés and eateries …

The 2017 iteration of Antwerp's alderman for the diamond trade, Ludo Van Campenhout, said that, "Antwerp and diamonds have been linked to one another for at least 570 years.On ALL our alcoholic cocktails, Carlsberg Draft Beer 50cl and House Wines* From Sunday to Thursday from – . HRD Antwerp, Europe’s leading authority in diamond certification, has launched its new ID CARD on the 25th and 26th of October 2017 in Antwerp.The ID CARD is a highly affordable, new type of grading report for diamonds that weigh between 0.08 and 0.998cts.IKON : the newest player on the Belgian event scene.If you are with a group of more then 10 people and wish to dine from our regular Core Menu and not take a group menu you are able to come along on the day and join our wait list.If there is no availability left through the Reservations tool, you still have the option to get a guaranteed VIP reservation by booking on of our exclusive .Last week, on the occasion of the "Diamond Year" that the City of Antwerp will celebrate from September 2017 through May 2018, the City of Antwerp dug deep into its "Insolvente Boedels" archive, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage resource, to reveal documents dating the diamond trade in Antwerp back to 1447 - or 570 years ago.The 'crown jewel' of the documents revealed is an edict dating from 1447 in which the 'College of Mayor and Aldermen' decree that, "No one may trade in fake diamonds." The College was well ahead of its time.Guests of Hard Rock Cafe Antwerp can enjoy fresh, high-quality items from Hard Rock’s menu, including the fan-favorite Legendary Experience, featuring a mouth-watering selection of burgers.Hard Rock’s Smokehouse offers the very best Hickory wood chips to slowly cook its ribs, chicken and pork to juicy, tender perfection.


  1. Home, vertrekken dagelijks van Internationale Luchthaven Antwerp, kaart, parking, formaliteiten schema gids bedrijven, diensten.

  2. Enjoy a freshly prepared meal and an expansive rock memorabilia collect at our Antwerp Hard Rock Cafe. The new site also boasts a magnificent outdoor, heated terrace with breathtaking views of the bustling city center, seating up to 80 guests. The cafe offers a unique look at the history and future of music, with an.

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