Affinity dating six disadvantages to dating a sorority girl

It identifies your tastes and ways of living and how you view community life.It then allows to connect the profiles with a very close compatibility .

ALL THESE DATING AGENCIES SHOULD BE SHUT, MEN ARE ON FOR ONE THING. Matchaffinity will not do this for them, and those unsubscribed members will continue to appear in search results.The people I was sent did not match - I specifically said no smokers and lots of my matches were smokers, I asked for not heavy drinkers and quite a few were heavy drinkers.Near the end of the year I cancelled my subscroption (or so I thought) using my phone. Read Full Review Just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of dissenters here.I have no idea whether match affinity has any advantage over any other dating site - all I know is that when I sign out from, the match affinity joinup details are immediately under the Sign Out menu which drops down from the right-hand corner, so that when…Read Full Review I initially paid a year subscription to the Match Affinity dating site.Approximately 80 percent of site members are not active, (old members who…Read Full Review I called them today to report a possible scam as a man I had met through the site had asked me to help with a bank transaction- sending his money to another account. I don't know what the others are like, but they can't be as dreadful as this.During the year there were very few people they sent me or who contacted me that I wished to meet.A lot of the clients have not logged in for months.I have been trying to cancel online but it won't allow me to. Read Full Review Signed up to Dating Direct (exactly the same as Match Affinity, same site different name)almost 6 months ago, how wrong was I to waste £89 on this dreadful site.Keeps wanting me to complete my profile first, but I cant even do that! List of reasons why: I lost count of the amount of scam messages I received from 31 to 35 athletic, toned females with broken english and bad grammar, no pictures just the same old line "contact me on my email and I will send you some pictures".


  1. Affinity Dating & Matchmaking. 132 likes. Affinity Connections is a web-based, premium matchmaking service. We cater to busy career professionals who are.

  2. Match Affinity Whats great about match affinity is they always have these "free communication" weekends. So you can use all the great paid service features and not have to pay a dime.

  3. Affinity dating service comedy. Virgo inappropriate comments to her and interested in date has a passion. Speed dating 387 testament the 2005 version of facebook as service well western

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