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Advantages and disadvantages of dating a younger man

The omega man is on the fringes of the community or tribe, and regarded as odd, weird, and a loner.

Consequently, omega males are often the subject of judgment.

If the conversation turns really creepy and awkward very quickly, it’s likely an omega male.

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We even wrote an article about the alpha male, the beta male and the jerk.

They may wear trench coats and fedoras, or clothes from an older time period (like medieval Europe or the 1920s). They are totally unaware that they are so unaware, and may even argue how “great” it is being an omega, even though in the eyes of others they are extremely unsuccessful – socially and in other endeavors.

They may sport pony tails and neckbeards (Reddit’s Just Neckbeard Things is a collection of Omega Males). They often brag about being intellectually superior to others (even though this increases their social inferiority), resulting in even more social isolation. Omega males are often associated with things like video games, anime, science fiction, and cartoons like “My Little Pony.” However, that’s probably because those represent complex fantasy universes that an omega male can escape into to avoid having to confront reality.

Often his “style” of dress isn’t even intentional, and may manifest itself as ratty and long hair, and dirty and frumpy clothes.

Because omegas may lack social awareness, they can ignore even basic hygiene concerns.


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