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Bardin King was a lay minister at Ebenezer Baptist Church (1 mi.S), and sons John, Cullen and Moses also served later in the same capacity, while youngest son Finley became an ordained Baptist minister.Discharged at Monterey due to illness, he later returned to Tennessee and joined the Tennessee Volunteers at Memphis.He later transferred into the US Infantry once again.The surrounding land became a dedicated cemetery in 1881, when Bardin divided his holdings among his nine living children and set aside one acre for a graveyard.Daughter Susan Leuticia married Robert Holden Williams, and they and their children later continued cotton and corn farming on the family land.Bardin was successful growing cotton, but in the late 1850s the extended family moved to Texas, settling first in Navarro and Washington counties before arriving in Limestone County in 1870.The Kings bought 189 acres here from John and Lucinda Wilson, and the family raised cotton and grains, and were active in the Headsville community.

The battle was fought between Texas soldiers and Comanche Indians, who had raided the coastal towns of Linnville and Victoria.Ten members of the King and Williams families were buried in what became known as King Williams Memorial Cemetery and then King-Williams Cemetery. Williams died in 1944 and was the last to be buried in the graveyard, which features historic limestone headstones shaded by pine and cedar trees.Family tradition holds an African American freedman named Speight is also buried here in an unmarked grave.After a couple of miles through Robertson County, I then entered into a corner of Limestone County.It was an already found county so it wasn't on my list of geocaching counties.Stem served in the Somervell Campaign of 1841 and was a member of a cavalry of mounted volunteers during the Mexican War.After his discharge from the Texas troops in 1846, Stem joined the US Infantry at Corpus Christi, Texas and continued in the war with Mexico.On the agenda are some cemeteries, a ghost town, an old church, and some historical buildings. This morning started out in Centerville, TX at Hwy 7 and I-45.Driving westbound on Hwy 7, it wasn't long before I made it to the next county and my first cache (GC3WT26) at the Wesley Chapel Cemetery.In 1958 this site was acquired for a new church building.In the same year, the Rev John Mc Lain, a Baptist Missionary, organized the Eagle Springs Baptist Church from the earlier congregation.


  1. OREGON. State. Gazetteer. Astoria. Eugene. Portland. Salem. 3 other cities and 1G counties. TEXAS. State. Gazetteer. Austin. Beaumont. Fort Worth. Houston. Waco and 13 other cities. brought down to the latest possible date. This portion of the work. short winter course for adult farmers that is being eagerly taken.

  2. Date of Report. Mo, Da, Yr. Year/Period of Report. End of. LIST OF SCHEDULES Electric Utility. Oncor Electric Delivery Company LLC. X. 04/18/2009. 2008/Q4. Line. one-third of the population of Texas, and comprises 92 counties and over 370 incorporated municipalities. BOMARTON, TRANSFORMER #1. 4.00.

  3. City. ST. Exempt Organizations At-Risk of Revocation - Texas. Zipcode. 74-6001329 081 REED EMPLOYEES BENEFIT FUND. PO BOX 2119. HOUSTON TX. 77252-2119. 75146-1324. 74-2332244 ADULT FOSTER HOME ASSOCIATION. 75-2012303 BOMARTON PERPETUAL CARE CEMETERY TRUST. RR 2.

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