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Shoemaker acknowledges that the feature is a "trade-off." The updated app is also designed to let you send hundreds of pictures at a time, quickly.That's due to technology Shoemaker developed at Cooliris, the chat startup Yahoo bought last year, bringing him to the company.To speed up the sending process, the service presents you with a low-resolution version of the picture first, then replaces it with a higher-resolution one when downloading is complete.

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Shoemaker said Livetext and the new Yahoo Messenger serve different audiences and will coexist, at least for now.

Please refer to product-specific guidelines for more information about Yahoo communities.

You may know Snapchat, Whats App and Google's Gchat. It's the venerable chat service from the bygone era of buddy lists and screen names, much like AOL's Instant Messenger.

A Yahoo spokeswoman declined to comment on the reports.

For Austin Shoemaker, senior director of product management for Yahoo Messenger, the hope is simply to get the app back on track.


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