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Accommodating students with hiv dating drug addict recovering

But there are two more generations and more ripples to consider here.

If Irv was part of the first generation and I am part of the second, let me tell you about an alumna of our class who is of the third generation, just now coming into its own.

By the way, her name is Samantha (she insists on Sam), and it is her boundless energy and insight that I have called on for the past four years to help me teach this class.

But finally we come to what will one day be the fourth generation.

We learn something new from each and every one of them, and we always regret that we are the only audience they receive.

Many years later, and after we lost Irv, I was a student again pursuing my doctorate at Brandeis.

When I heard that Professor Marty Krauss, a close colleague of Irv's, would begin teaching the Sociology of Disability class again, I practically begged to be her TA.

Very much under her guidance, we went back through copies of his syllabi and assignments and tried, as best anyone really could, to rebuild the course in his vision. First, Irv would certainly recognize the class as his own, even given the incredible changes (for the better and the worse) we have seen in the disability world since his passing.

Recommendations for policy and practice that are grounded in a well-informed understanding of the roots of Deaf oppression in American society are offered. D., MSW, with Samantha Watson, MBA Brandeis University I have taught the course "Sociology of Disability" at Brandeis University for the past seven years.

Together with my absolutely irrepressible TA, Samantha Watson, we read the better part of 40 term papers each semester.


  1. ACCOMMODATING CHILDREN WITH. SPECIAL DIETARY NEEDS. HIV disease;. School food service staff must make food substitutions or modifications for students with.

  2. Accommodating Nurses with Disabilities. Note The following is only a sample of the possible accommodations available. Numerous other accommodation solutions may exist.

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