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Simply put, the 80/20 diet, created by Daniel Wheeler, involves eating healthy, calorie-tracked meals 80 per cent of the time, and eating whatever you like 20 per cent of the time.'No food is banned,' he says, 'and that's because having a little bit of your favourite food is more likely to keep you on the diet, meaning you can drop a lot of weight in 16 weeks because you've stuck to it.'I think this could be the new 5:2.' You can drink alcohol for the same reason, too.'After signing up to the plan online at clients pay £25 a month for four months (plus a £25 sign-up fee) to access the programme.'I lost weight, but all the diets were unsustainable long-term because they were too restrictive and boring.'When it came to exercise I didn't know what I was doing and I couldn't motivate myself.'Standing in his shower in April 2010, Mr Wheeler realised he'd become so big he couldn't see his feet anymore, and realised how unhappy he was.A fireback thus works like a radiator and can increase the efficiency of the fireplace by 50%.If you are unsure about what size of cast iron fireback fits your open fireplace, please read here: Which size of fireback fits my open fireplace? Here, Mail Online documents four incredible weight loss stories by people following the diet, including the woman who lost 10st in 18 months.

And now, Mr Wheeler, from Surrey, promises the same remarkable results for anyone willing to sign up to the 'lifestyle plan' online.

But the diet the 32-year-old embarked on wasn't the 5:2 - the fasting diet widely acclaimed to help people beat their bulging waistlines.

Instead, his transformation was down to the 80/20 diet, based on counting calories the majority of the time and eating 'whatever you like' the rest of it.

He weighed more than 22st and was registered by his doctors as 'severely obese' before his life was turned upside down.

Now, Daniel Wheeler has shot to fitness fame after dropping to 14st and featuring on the front of Men's Health magazine.


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